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'Enjoy an in-room Bowen Therapy session; a relaxing, non-invasive treatment which melts away everyday stresses and realigns your body.'


'Treatments last 45-60 minutes and cost £35 each, with the option of a twin session so that a couple can enjoy their treatments at the same time. You have the option of  receiving your treatment while wearing light clothing or  underwear.' 

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To book your session please contact Sian Rogers BTAA

07775 832203


Shropshire Hills Reflexology offers deeply relaxing treatments tailored to your health and well being. Perfect to alleviate everyday stress and tension, improve your mood and aid sleep. The reflexologist will use her hands, fingers & thumbs to work on areas of your feet in order to facilitate the body's potential for well-being.


Treatment up to 90 min, including consultation, £50.  

To book your session please contact Laura directly. 

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